Expert Curriculum



Children become experts across a range of subjects, and these form the basis of the wider curriculum. Expert lenses help children to be Scientists, Designers, Historians, Geographers and Artists during sessions each week. There is a focused approach to knowledge development and skills within this, and a strong focus on vocabulary acquisition and development. The wider curriculum is developed in this way, whilst providing enrichment opportunities for English and Maths as appropriate.


For children to make meaning within EXPERT, the Golden Threads of learning helps them make meaning in their learning through the concept of Lives. The Golden Thread links their life, to that of others; and there is a consideration on how life has developed and changed. Life is the Golden Thread that links all learning together -  to the individual, personal ambition, key achievements and the wider world both now and through the ages.

Children are taught to reflect on the following questions to support the development of this knowledge of themselves, the world and others.

  • How does this link back to _______________? (something learned previously)
  • What does this remind you of?
  • Where have we used some of this key vocabulary before?
  • Where might this be relevant in your life?
  • How might this be useful in the future?  What about jobs?
  • What is the point in learning it?
  • Are there specific famous people, landmarks, events…..that add to meaning?  (Cultural Capital)


The wider curriculum is also taught during Experience Days within The Write Stuff and as part of G2BG.