Home Learning

Homework tasks will be set through our class email.

Please also take the time to share a story with your child every day. Talk to them about which parts they like the most, ask them to predict how the story might end, talk to them about what they can see in the pictures and discuss the characters and their experiences in the book.

In the event of a class bubble closure or if your child/children are self-isolating, the following platforms will be used to support their home learning:

Class email- This will be used for parents/carers to communicate with your child's class teacher. The class teacher will respond to questions and send information about home learning tasks. 

Microsoft TEAMS- This will be used for the class teacher to set work for the class and once work is completed it can then be uploaded for review by the class teacher. 

Video tutorials for phonics - The class teacher will send a video with modelling and instructions for the weekly writing tasks along with any worksheets that are needed to complete the tasks. 

Initially, these are the websites we will also use as learning resource sites:

White Rose Maths

Oak Academy 

(As we progress through the year, further sites will be made available for the children to access, to support their phonic, reading and writing learning.)