Our Community:

Children at Keresley Academies are individuals and come from a range of social backgrounds. They enjoy school, and some are keen to share their achievements. The typical learner spends much of their time on technology, keeping up with their peers playing the latest games. Although some children have access to more traditional and outdoor pastimes, many do not. This can impact on social skills, aspiration, general knowledge, vocabulary, spoken and written language and learning behaviours. Children sometimes lack resilience as learners, often giving up if learning is challenging.



To meet the needs of our community of learners, the curriculum is based around providing language rich opportunities, with story and reading at its heart.

There is a focus on Growth Mindsets to promote resilience; and the understanding that failure leads to new learning and is exciting.

For children to be successful in life and learning, we provide a rich curriculum covering a wide range of subjects, a breadth of knowledge and skills for life.


Intended Impact:

From this, children develop the skills to be successful in life with a breadth of knowledge and a wide range of skills that enable them to be Leaders of Learning. Children are articulate and thrive on extending their vocabulary; and read widely with joy. Children become both independent and collaborative learners who love challenge; and understand who they are both as learners and as members of society. They develop a broad knowledge of different subjects and use this information to find out more. They are confident in themselves, but also show empathy and compassion to others. Children have high aspirations for their lives and their future. There is a high commitment to the school from children, families and the community.