Maths at Keresley Academies

Maths at Keresley ensures that children make continued connections between and build upon previous Maths learning and they have the opportunity to make connections between Maths and other subjects. A focus is placed upon key skills and fluency of facts, ensuring that children are able to apply this knowledge to access problems and to use in their day to day lives. Children are expected to use a wide range of mathematical language to explain their thinking and reason effectively.

There are a wider range of Remote Learning resources including White Rose, Mathswatch, TT Rockstars and Maths Shed to support children when learning at home. We support children in understanding activities and how to use these during planned sessions in school.


The 99 Club - continues...

We are building on the success of the 99 Club, an innovation in 2019, across the school to improve standards of mental fluency. All children will be working towards a club from the 11 club to the Gold club.

Children will practise their Club level in school but can also practise at home using TTRockstars, Maths Shed or the downloadable practice sheets. 

Children will complete set questions during a given amount of time. Children must achieve 100% on three consecutive occasions in order to become part of that club. 

Children will receive a club badge when they are a member. 


You can find practice sheets for each club on our Learning Resources tab.